Bolt Clover Terminal

The following entries describe changes to the Bolt Clover Terminal solution and documentation, including updates to the Bolt Terminal API and to the Clover Bolt App.

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Date Updated: 4/12/2022

An update to the Bolt Clover App is scheduled for April 14th, 2022.

This release includes internal enhancements and bug fixes, and will be pushed to terminals to update automatically.

Date Updated: 2/5/2022

An update to the Bolt Clover App was released on February 5th, 2022, and pushed to terminals to update automatically.

This release includes internal enhancements and bug fixes.

Date Updated: 4/17/2021

A release of the Clover Bolt App was deployed on 4/17/2021.

This release of the app includes the following updates:

    • Support for the readCard request to tokenize customer cards on the terminal without running a transaction. 

    • Support for printing duplicate receipts at the time of the transaction, using the new printExtraReceipt and printDelay parameters in the authCard or authManual request.

    • Support for the terminalActivationCode request to retrieve the terminal activation code to display in your application when activating a new Clover Bolt Terminal.

    • Additional fixes and enhancements.

Date Updated: 2/27/2021

The Bolt Terminal API update released to the UAT environment on 1/8/2021 and Production environment on 2/27/2021 includes numerous enhancements to the Bolt Terminal API. See What's New? in the Bolt Terminal API for the release status and a complete list of updates.

This release includes the following updates for Bolt Clover terminals:

  • Support for reprinting receipts for previous transactions using the new printReceipt endpoint.
  • Support for the includeAVS parameter in the authCard request, to capture the cardholder's postal code.