This guide provides information to help you quickly integrate Google Paytm acceptance into your Androidtm or web-based application. Adding Google Pay to your payment methods allows customers to use their stored Google Pay data to quickly and securely pay for goods and services.


To integrate Google Pay acceptance, you need:

  • An Android or web application that integrates the following APIs:
  • For an Android application, an Android device with Google Play services version 16.0.0 or greater installed.
  • A CardPointe merchant account configured to accept Google Pay payments.

    • Google Pay acceptance is only supported for merchants boarded to the First Data Rapid Connect platform.
    • Supported card networks and authorization methods are dependent on your CardPointe merchant account configuration.

By integrating the Google Pay API, you accept the Google Pay API Terms of Service.

Developer Resources

Google Developer Resources

Google Pay provides APIs for both Android and web applications, and comprehensive developer documentation for each version of the API. The specific Google Pay API integration details depend on the type of application you are developing. 

See the following resources for detailed Google Pay API integration details:

This guide includes integration examples using the Google Pay API for Android, as described in the Google Pay API for Android Integration Tutorial.

How it Works

By integrating Google Pay acceptance and CardSecure tokenization into your app, you enable your customers to pay quickly and securely using the payment data stored in a Google Pay wallet. CardSecure handles the decryption and tokenization of the customer's payment data (the Google Pay response object). Integrating Google Pay enables you to provide a quick, seamless checkout experience to millions of Google Pay users.

All transactions are available in CardPointe for reporting. Additionally, integrating the CardPointe Gateway API allows you to take advantage of the complete set of transaction and reporting features of the CardPointe Gateway.

Developing your App

First, you build or upgrade an application, using the Google Pay API to integrate Google Pay acceptance. During that process, you configure some key parameters to integrate CardSecure's tokenization method. See Integrating the Google Pay API later in this guide for more information. When your development is complete, you certify the app with Google to make it available to your customers.

Payment Process

  1. When a customer selects Google Pay as their payment method, your application requests that customer's encrypted payment card or wallet information.
  2. Your app then passes that encrypted data to CardSecure, which decrypts and tokenizes the data.
  3. Your app receives the tokenized data, and then passes it to the CardPointe Gateway in an authorization request.
  4. Your app then receives a response from the CardPointe Gateway, completing the transaction.

Testing your Integration

To test your Google Pay integration, you must enroll at least one valid payment card in your Google Pay wallet. When you use your wallet to generate a payload in the Google Pay test environment, Google returns dummy data in place of the actual card data. You then send this dummy data to CardSecure to test your integration.

See Test with Sample Tokens in the Google Pay API documentation for more information.

Integrating the Google Pay API

The following procedure uses examples from the Google Pay API for Android Integration Tutorial. If you are developing a web application, see the Google Pay API for Web Integration Tutorial.

To integrate Google Pay acceptance into your application, perform the steps provided in the Google Pay API documentation, using the following supplemental information to integrate the Google Pay API and CardSecure with your app:

  1. When you choose a payment tokenization method, do the following to connect to CardSecure:
    1. For the Gateway parameter replace example with cardconnect.
    2. For the GatewayMerchantID parameter, replace exampleGatewayMerchantId with your CardPointe merchant ID (MID).
  2. When you define supported payment card networks, do the following:
    1. For getAllowedCardNetworks, specify the card types that your merchant account is configured to accept.
    2. For getAllowedAuthCardMethods, specify both PAN_ONLY and CRYPTOGRAM_3DS.
  3. When you describe your allowed payment methods, do the following:
    1. For getBaseCardPaymentMethod, specify
      cardPaymentMethod.put("tokenizationSpecification", getTokenizationSpecification());.
  4. Configure your app to handle the response object. See Tokenizing Google Pay Data for more information.

Tokenizing Google Pay Data

When your application receives the encrypted Google Pay payload, you pass the data to CardSecure, which decrypts and tokenizes the data.

You must retrieve a new Google Pay payload for each tokenization attempt. Tokens generated for Google Pay payloads are valid for a single authorization.

Your application passes the Google Pay wallet data to CardSecure in a request to the tokenize endpoint.

CardSecure Request URL


CardSecure Request Method


CardSecure Request Parameters

The following parameters are required in the tokenize request:

devicedataA string including the Google Pay payload data.
encryptionhandlerThe decryption method for CardSecure to use to handle the encrypted data.

This must be EC_GOOGLE_PAY.

Do not URL encode the devicedata string. See the following example to ensure that you format the string properly.

Processing a Payment

Once you receive a token from CardSecure, you can pass the token to the CardPointe Gateway in an authorization request.

You use the CardPointe Gateway API to make a request to the auth endpoint. To simplify your integration, you can download and test our sample mobile applications and server side host scripts. See the Bolt Mobile SDKs Developer Guide for more information and examples.

See the CardPointe Gateway API documentation for detailed information on the authorization request and response data.


For assistance with your CardPointe merchant account, or integrating CardSecure and the CardPointe Gateway, contact integrationdelivery@fiserv.com.

For assistance with integrating the Google Pay API, see the Google Pay API Troubleshooting page or complete the Google Pay API Integration Support Request Form.

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