This guide provides an overview of the ID TECH VP3300 mobile card reader device and supported integration paths.


The ID TECH VP3300 is a mobile payment reader device that allows you to accept magnetic stripe (MSR), chip (EMV), and contactless (NFC) payments anywhere, from your mobile application. 

Support for NFC is coming soon.

The VP3300 uses Bluetooth 4.0, which supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE maximizes battery life and allows the VP3300 to pair automatically with your mobile device. See the ID TECH VP3300 Datasheet for more information on the VP3300.

Requesting a Test Device

To request a VP3300 test device, reach out to isvintegrations@cardconnect.com.

Integrating the ID TECH VP3300

The VP3300 is compatible with the following solutions:

  • Bolt Mobile iOS and Android SDKs - Integrate the VP3300 with your mobile application to include support for secure card present payments. See the Bolt Mobile SDKs Developer Guide for more information.
  • CardPointe Mobile - The VP3300 is supported for use with the CardPointe Mobile application. See the CardPointe Mobile User's Guide for more information.